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Getting Your Super and Tax Back

Get your taxback


Tax Refunds

There are two main criteria that you have to meet to qualify for a tax refund. As a traveler and have paid tax does not mean you are eligible for a refund.

You will need to contact a tax specialists. many offer free eligibility assessment. We recommend you contact Zaheer@butterworths.net.au for a fixed price hassle free experience.

What do I need to complete my tax return?

You will need to completed a form from your Tax specialist with copies of your final payslip or final Payment Summary for each job you had, your tax file number and your bank account details. 

How much money can I expect back?

Our average customers refund is $2,000aud. There are a lot of different criteria that affect your return - how many jobs you had, how long you worked at each job, how much you were paid at each job.

When should I apply for my tax refund?

The financial year is 1st July to 30 June.  You are expected to complete a tax return by the 31st October but this is extended until March the following year if using a tax specialist. You can submit your tax return before you leave Australia.

How long will it take to receive my refund?

When submitting a return for the previous and completed tax year, your refund should be received in about two weeks.  If you submit a tax return before the financial year is finished (before 30th June) it will take up to 55 days to receive your refund.

Getting your Super Back


Superannuation contributions

Anyone who earns more than $450 per month has superannuation contributions paid into a fund by their employer. The employer must pay 9% of your annual gross salary into a superannuation fund on your behalf.

Can I claim my superannuation back when I leave?

If you are on a working holiday visa when you depart Australia permanently you can claim a refund. At the airport you will be given a departure card at immigration and on the back there is a section for you to fill out in order to get information on how to claim a refund.