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144 Victoria Street Potts Point Sydney



Although the deposit to Booking agent maybe refundable according to their terms and conditions, the additional deposits/payments to the our hostel is not refundable – please consider this carefully when making a reservation and obtain travel insurance,

Evicted? If you have already stayed with us and for one reason or other you have been asked to leave, you may not use any online booking systems to make a new reservation. If you do we will charge you for the room and cancel your booking and evict you again without a refund, a charge of $100 for re-eviction applies. Management reserves its rights to admit.

Cancellation Policy

We do not offer any refunds, so please choose and book your dates carefully.

Internet Pricing

Internet prices are not available for in-house guests. Note if you book online and you are already staying in house you may have to pay additional charges(min $5 per night per person). Our internet rates are introductory promotional rates for new guests only.